Andrés Hernández-Salazar - tenor, lecturer & singing teacher

Opera History Courses

The Operas of Richard Strauss

At the start of the 20th Century, Strauss broke all the rules of Romantic opera with his modernistic works: Salome and Elektra. A few years later, he created Der Rosenkavalier, one of the most endurably successful German operas, full of waltzes and exquisite vocal ensembles. In this course we explore Strauss’s extraordinary operatic career, from the Wagnerian influences in Guntram to the intellectual depth of Capriccio and the posthumous Die Liebe der Danae.


A Selected Discography:

R Strauss: Famous Scenes

Strauss – Elektra. Polaski/Palmer/Schwanewilms

Strauss, R; Wagner – Arias & Scenes. Deborah Voigt, sop

R Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier (highlights)

Edita Gruberova: Famous Operatic Arias

R Strauss: Capriccio