Andrés Hernández-Salazar - tenor, lecturer & singing teacher

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Church Music in Reformation England

The turbulent decades following Henry VIII’s rupture with Rome, and the subsequent changes under Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I, prompted dramatic changes in the musical landscape of the 16th century. Through listening to excerpts from the sacred music of Taverner, Tallis and Byrd, among others, discover how Tudor composers adapted their works and literally ‘changed their tunes’ to suit the rapidly moving political and religious climate.


A Selected Discography

The Lily and the Lamb/Anonymous 4

Taverner: Missa Mater Christi Sanctissima/The Sixteen

Tallis: Spem in Alium /The Tallis Scholars · Phillips

Byrd: Mass for Five Voices/Christ Church Cathedral Choir

Renaissance – Music For Inner Peace/The Sixteen

Music of the Sistine Chapel: Allegri, Palestrina, Morales, Desprez

English Madrigals/The Tallis Scholars