Andrés Hernández-Salazar - tenor, lecturer & singing teacher

Music History Courses

The Baroque Recorder and its repertoire

In this course we explore the versatility and beauty of the Baroque Recorder, from early 17th-century consort pieces, to the sonatas and concerti written by the great Baroque composers: J S Bach, Handel & Vivaldi. We also discover the extended modern repertoire written for the instrument.


A Selected Discography

17th-Century Italian Recorder  Music – La Fontegara Amsterdam

Venezia 1625 – Maurice Steger and Ensemble

Armonia di Flauti – Flanders Recorder Quartet

Recorder and Lute – Clas Pehrsson & Jakob Lindberg

Baroque Recorder Music – Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet

Telemann: Recorder Duets, Vol.1. Clas Pehrsson & Dan Laurin

Handel: The Complete Recorder Sonatas – Clas Pehrsson

GB & G Sammartini: Concerti & Sinfoniae – Ensemble 415